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Atlas Cushion Headrest For Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Atlas Cushion Headrest For Herman Miller Aeron Chair

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The new design blends the ergonomics and comfort that everyone loved of the old design with an updated aesthetic.

The first production batch has arrived. We have a limited quantity in Graphite plastic with Graphite fabric. This color combination matches Classic and Remastered Aeron chairs with Graphite frames - which is the vast majority of chairs. Additional colors will be available in the future.

Hands down the best headrest ever available for your chair. Built from the ground up to magnificently complement your chair and maximize your ergonomic investment.

Materials and workmanship have been perfected to flawlessly match your chair. Proudly Designed, Engineered, and Manufactured in the USA by former Herman Miller employees.

  • All of our headrests our designed with ergonomics at the forefront.Trust us, your spine will thank you.

  • Adjust position vertically, horizontally, and tilt to perfection. Adjust it to your personal preference, no matter your height.

  • ADJUST TO YOUR COMFORT- The headrests are intended to be free flowing. The tilt and the vertical adjustments are free-moving, while the forward and backwards adjustments can be locked to your best comfort.