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Herman Miller

Herman Miller Mirra 2 Chair

Herman Miller Mirra 2 Chair

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Mirra 2 Chair

The Mirra 2 Chair represents a rethinking of one of Herman Miller's most successful office chairs. Acclaimed by as the best of 6 task chairs in a recent test, Mirra 2 features a redesigned back and a tilt mechanism that allows you to smoothly move from one posture to another. This beautifully engineered office chair ably responds to the needs of a workplace in motion, moving smoothly from collaborative to tasking positions as you move, and creates an incredibly comfortable sitting pocket. At top-tier price, that's what you'd expect. But you get even more than you pay for with the Mirra 2 Chair. It really is more comfortable than most high quality chairs. That's what we call a chair that gives you more bang for the buck - and more comfort during your daily work.

  • Better Butterfly Back

    Check out the video below to see it in motion - it's supportive and strong

  • Redesigned Seat

    More airflow means better temperature control. Better temperature control means that you'll be more comfortable for a longer period of time. This is no small improvement, folks. 

Smoother Tilt Mechanism

For those about to rock, we salute you. Mirra 2 has an improved harmonic tilt mechanism that makes your transition from an upright seated position to a laid-back recline effortless and smoother than smooth. Many of us need to move between those positions frequently, and Mirra 2 makes it easy.

Eco-conscious Design

Mirra 2 is 22% lighter than the original Mirra, giving it a 25% smaller carbon footprint. That's a significant reduction, and a demonstration that this chair is a responsible choice when it comes to the environment.