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Fly Luxury Ergonomic Office Chair Mesh Chair With Lumbar Support Polished Aluminum Base

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● Dynamic separated lumbar support

The dynamic separated lumbar support is Hookay's great feat, it can adjust itself based on user's position, weight, height and the amount of pressure placed on the lumbar every time when move, keep comfortable all day long, user's back will not get any pain under long day working


● Waterfall seat for behind the knee comfort.

The design of the seat edge shape is full of ergonomic feature, waterfall shape at the edge inside inset with designed foam to deliver comfort to your knee through the long time working.


● Ratchet back design

The ratched back can raise the dynamic separated lumbar to fit the curve of your body, there are four different height adjustment let user's spine to the most relaxed and comfortable position.


● Self-developed patented aluminum cable synchro-tilt mechanism

Self developed sychro-tilt mechanism is a new innovative double spring wire control mechanism which got national patent in 2010.


Made with polished aluminum frame,this detailing of the aluminum which is abrasion resistant and rustproff at the surface is constantly delivering a concept of high quality and strength.


Due to its excellent design and structure, the back recline could adjust 4 levels with the biggest tilting angle 130 degree. Also Allows user to recline while keeping seat cushion relatively level to floor while the user enjoys a relaxed position.


● 4D multifunctional button-free armrest

Self- developed 4D armrest has excellent ergonomic performance, it was designed to provide comfortable support for your elbows and forearms, relieving the pressure on your shoulders and improving your seating ergonomics. They are coated with durable soft-touch PU rubber, and are fully adjustable in four directions—forward & backward, up & down, left & right, and angled inward & outward


● Seat pressure reduction design

The seat design has a special ergonomic curve which can reduce user's pressure, it is comfortable and considerate.


● Dynamic variable headrest

The headrest is dynamic, user can adjust height, angle, and have a automatic flexible support to head. whenever what position sit on, it can pivot to keep user comfortable.


● Twin back dynamic back supporting system


The outstanding of the back lies in its appearance. The shape of the back is similar to Angel's swings. Hookay's designer inspiration comes from angel's two swings, symbolic of delivering all round comfort and powerful care to the back rhythm with the change of human posture all day long.


Such design is following the real human structure.User's back, shoulder, lumbar can move separately ,fitting the body at any time like your own glove.



5 year limited warranty against frame (i.e. skeletal frame, back frame, leg frame)

2 year limited warranty against mechanism (i.e. various adjustments, lever, knob, hydraulic gas lift)

Not covered: Normal wear and tear including, but not limited to, the wear and tear or degradation of mesh, top portion of armrest.

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